Getting hands-on a luxury vehicle is a dream for many of us. We all do our very best in our daily lives to bring the best on our table and work extra hard to build the cherished dreams of building a grand home, getting great education for our kids and owning a luxury vehicle. Pandemic in recent years has hit every individual in one aspect or other. Huge businesses were shut and economies dwindled. Off-late, lives are turning back on track and different sectors of the economy are opening to growth. The Indian Used Car Market was valued at USD 32.14 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach USD 74.70 billion in 2027, registering a CAGR of 15.1% during the forecast period (2022-27). The Indian pre-owned car market is growing due to a steady increase in the demand for luxury cars. The sales of used luxury cars observed a 20% growth. As per Auto-dealers, the demand for premium used cars in Delhi has been rising at 35%-40% on a year-on-year basis, as owners of luxury cars usually sell off their vehicles after a year or two and upgrade to better models.

Be it new or old, regular grooming of a vehicle keeps it in better shape for longer time. On owning luxury used cars in Delhi, it is imperative to understand the best ways to maintain this priced possession. Important tips to help you care for your second-hand luxury car are listed below:


Getting your car washed regularly from a reliable car wash company or any of the reliable outlets of car wash especially those that specialise in used luxury cars is of great importance. Instead of getting your car washed at home, it is a great idea to keep the exteriors of your car in prime condition. Second hand luxury cars require appropriate washing care which can be attended to at a genuine car wash, which is a dedicated store for premium car care services.


We understand, keeping your dream ride in top shape is definitely a priority in your life. the tyres have to be resistant against abrasion and keep up to fight the wear and tear while racing on the road. Timely tyre check-ups are necessary as especially on Indian roads, the health of the tyres can never be overlooked. Tyres with inadequate pressure can create heat build-up which may cause damage to your car. That’s the reason, bi-weekly tyre-pressure check is highly recommended.


Even if you plan to buy or sell cars in Delhi, keeping a check at the maintenance schedule of your used luxury car would definitely keep it in good shape and yield higher value in future. It is always advised to buy the best used cars in Delhi from a trustworthy source or dealership like PCH Auto World among others, that has a successful track record of trusted buyers and sellers with authentic hassle-free procedures.


If you find yourself stuck at some point, asking for professional help is always a saviour. Luxury cars in Delhi demand that extra care, so why not give it that premium touch with an expert advice. Go that extra mile in keeping your luxury beast’s performance soaring with the world-class standards applied by the experts.


Listed last here but definitely a foremost requirement as a luxury car owner is that you must be extra careful while driving the car on road and while parking, as maximum damage is experienced during these two circumstances. If you aren’t fully confident of your driving skills, hire a good driver who has previous experience in driving luxury cars as Indian roads and traffic are a different ball game altogether.

These tips are sure to keep you safe against driving you nuts with any maintenance issues of your luxury purchase in future. As the best way to sell a luxury car or even buying it, is through a certified dealership with massive expertise in dealing with pre-owned luxury cars in Delhi. PCH Auto World has been ranked among the leading used luxury cars dealership in Delhi and their clients comfortably rely on their pioneering skills at buying and selling second-hand luxury cars all across Delhi NCR. Once you collaborate with a trusted name in the industry like PCH, you’re doubly sorted for all the other aspects of the luxury purchase. So, why waste time when you can contact the best used luxury car dealer today!