Maintain Your Luxury Car

How to Maintain Your Luxury Car – 9 Awesome Tips

February 25, 2021
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How to Maintain Your Luxury Car – 9 Awesome Tips

How to Maintain Your Luxury Car – 9 Awesome Tips

So you have treated yourself to a dream car of yours. It is everything you ever wished for and more. You pinch yourself every day to make sure this is real, but now a new fear creeps up on you. What if it gets ruined? This is a very valid reason to be distressed. What if you accidently reverse into someone behind you without realising. There are things that you can do though to keep your car safe, so this guide will help you keep your ride in prime condition and tell you how to maintain your luxury car, even years after you have purchased it!

Before we can delve further into how you can maintain your car, let us first theorize what could possibly happen to the vehicle. This will help you visualize the problems and thus, motivate you to keep a better tab on it.

Possible events if you do not take care of your car properly

These are the issues you may face in the near future if you are not careful and if you don’t maintain your luxury car in the way it should be:

Animals on the hood

Domesticated and stray animals, such as dogs and cats, love sitting or even lying on the hood of the car. Some ambitious creatures even make it to the roof. But, their paws can spell doom for the paint of your car.

Dust settling all over the car

If your car is not being washed regularly, it will look antiquated even if it is only a few months old. This will not only kill the appeal of the ride but can also cause other issues, which are not quite apparent at first.

Technical problems that may hinder your drives

A good car is equivalent to an engineering marvel and a good luxury car, even more so. However, when not taken care of, any system of the car may malfunction causing hours, maybe even days, of a headache. This can subsequently affect the performance of your car in many ways. Plus, it can cause other issues as well, such as you can face blower motor not working issue.

Your car starts making noises

Ignorance can sometimes lead to some major disasters. This is also true in case of luxury cars. If it is not being maintained and you start hearing weird noises that it was not making a few days ago, then you’re in big trouble.

How should you maintain your ride to preserve its beauty?

The above cases may sound nightmarish, but they are ever-present and require persistent effort on your part. Luckily for you, we at Automotive Bros are providing a list of activities that can help keep your wheels sleek.

1.  Car Wash is important

It is necessary to get your car washed every few weeks to purge the dust, rubble, and other such materials that deteriorate the veneer of the car paint. Another thing that is high on the recommendation list is detailing, especially for owners of luxury vehicles as it aids in upholding the performance as well as the raw appeal that your car emanates. There are specialized places that not only excel at the car wash but can also help with the reparation of the scratches as well as other important enhancements for the paint of your ride.

2. Check Your Oil

Your car needs all the oil it can get. Car engines can always use the lubrication to make the whole machinery work smoothly and as intended. Speaking of car engines, if the one in your current car is not working as well as it should do, it may be time to get this replaced. As car parts can be quite pricey, it may be worth checking out sites like for quality used engines. This might be something worth looking into, as driving a vehicle with a faulty engine is not safe for anyone.

It is advisable to check your engine oil once every few weeks or even a month. If the indicator shows that it is less than half its maximum capacity, fill it back up. This sustains your vehicle’s performance.

You can get recommendations for the kind of oil you should use in your car and maybe even ask a professional about this.

3. Tires should be cared for

Tires literally set the car in motion; they are essential maintenance material. As many long drives as you take, the tires take the brunt of it, thus, it is imperative that a good condition of your car’s tires is upheld throughout the life of your car. When the car has been driven thousands of miles, wear and tear in the tires is a certainty. The tires can also lose their balance or, in the worst-case scenario, burst off when the problem gets irreversible.

It is, therefore, recommended to replace your tire as soon as its tread shrinks to 1.5mm or less. Air pressure is another important parameter that you should take care of. Whenever you are refueling your vehicle, make sure that you check the tires for air pressure. It barely takes any time and covers all your bases. Take good care of the tires and your drives will always be pleasant.

4. Batteries need special attention

Did you know that faulty batteries are one of the major causes of car breakdowns? Batteries, old or flat, can be fatal for the health of your functioning car. Keep a check on your terminals to make sure that they are tightly screwed and unblemished.

You must also ensure that the level of electrolyte remains full. In case it is not, use distilled water to fill it. You may also need to consider a replacement for your current battery if it is older than three years, that is. A failure to change a faulty battery can be devastating. Be very careful in this matter.

5.  How is your clutch?

A clutch enables the smooth functioning of the engine as well as allows the car to move as swiftly as possible. It is easily one of the most vital parts of the car that the driver is actively engaged with while driving. Thus, its proper upkeep is the duty of the owner/driver of the car. However, you must not take the matters into your own hands and defer the task to a qualified and experienced mechanic.

One of the overt indicators of a problem with the clutch is a change in the engine speed without any input from the driver. You can either send your ride for a good old servicing from the company or drop it at a decent garage where knowledgeable individuals will do the rest.

6. Your car wipers need some love, too

Windscreen wipers have the tendency to wear out over time as the blades go dull when their usage increases. It also causes them to make unseemly noises like squeaking, which makes matters worse. Do not let this happen to your ride. On top of all that, it may also prove harmful to your windscreen as well. New wipers are pretty cheap on the market and fairly easy to replace. Thus, this one should be a walk in the park.

7. Give your car a (well-functioning) brake!

From a safety standpoint, there is probably no part of the car that is as essential as the brakes or rather functional brakes. They can come in handy when the car in front of you stops abruptly. Your presence of mind and good brakes are the only things standing between a nifty maneuver and a catastrophe.

When you are driving and everything is smooth, it’s okay. But when you press the brakes at a traffic light and you notice a subtle difference in the way your car stops, then you need to book an appointment with the mechanic. There is no telling about the extent of damage that can be caused by malfunctioning brakes. You can also take your luxury ride to specialized brake service providers who make your car fit to ride again.

8. Take a second opinion from a professional

When all else fails, taking advice from professionals is always an option. There are numerous service stations that provide services and repairs for your ride, but your ride is extra special; so you must visit the best car specialists who can diagnose and fix your car in virtually no time! It is almost always better to defer these matters to people who have an active knowledge of the subject at hand.

8. The maintenance schedule must be checked

Even the most fundamental services like the changing of oil are created so that your car can provide optimum performance. To avoid these services would be a huge folly on your part! It could lead to the malfunctioning of different components, which combine to create even bigger problems for you. It is advisable to tackle these issues individually, but a lot of people do not have the luxury of time required for it. Therefore, sending your car in for maintenance should always be on your radar.

You can, for instance, fix the vacuum AC in your car pretty easily yourself, but many of the car owners would prefer experienced hands to perform this task. Neglecting such services can be dangerous as these problems may accumulate to render your car un-drivable.