When it comes to the future of Indian cars, it all boils down to environmentally friendly methods. People intending to buy cars are looking to explore the CNG and Election Vehicle department to cut down on carbon emissions and keep tabs on monthly travel expenses with the escalating fuel prices due to the government laws and market awareness.

If you compare CNG and EV cars, you’ll see that the CNG Cars section has a lot more options. However, electric vehicles are still in their development. Though multiple automakers have introduced electric vehicles in various class categories, there has yet to be much of a buzz in the market in terms of consumer awareness.

Now the question is, which of the two is the better option? Fasten your seatbelts because we’re bringing all the required information to assist you.

CNG Cars

With growing fuel prices in recent years, CNG cars have gained a lot of momentum and become a part of the mainstream debate. The Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R’s performance is a wonderful example of changing market conditions and consumer expectations. CNG cars are the ideal alternative to explore, especially for persons on the go, such as professionals or those seeking cost-effective options.


Eco-friendly: CNG is a green fuel that considerably reduces carbon emissions. CNG is a secure bet if you’re seeking environmentally friendly automotive solutions.

Economical: CNG is less expensive than petrol or diesel. You can save a lot of money on your monthly transportation costs.

Efficient vehicle oil use: The lubricating fluids in vehicles are unaffected by CNG. As a result, the life of lubricating oils is extended, allowing for more efficient use.

Multiple options: You can choose between CNG and petrol, giving you the liberty and freedom never to be delayed on the road owing to an empty tank.


Lesser car trunk space: CNG kits are usually fitted in the trunk of a car, taking up space that would otherwise be used to store luggage or other items.

Lesser power: The car does not produce as much power while using CNG as fuel when using petrol or diesel.

Time-consuming refuelling: You may have observed a large row of cars lining up at CNG gas stations to refuel. Though the existence of multiple gas stations has provided some relief for CNG car drivers, waiting for hours to refuel may be frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry.

Lesser resale value: The resale value of a CNG vehicle may be lower than predicted. You will notice a pricing difference between the Petrol/Diesel models that may not be to your preference.

EV Cars

Electric vehicles (EVs) are causing quite a stir in the automotive industry. Electric cars are likely to take the market by storm soon, thanks to many new tech features and a relatively quiet driving experience. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy luxury cars that are electric, have a look at the possibilities; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the performance and amenities.


Economical: You may go hundreds of kilometres on a single charge, which would normally cost you big bucks. The cost of travel is greatly reduced when using an electric vehicle.

Eco-friendly: No hazardous carbon emissions or toxic gases are released into the environment. It is the most environmentally friendly means of transportation on the market.

Better driving experience: Most EVs are equipped with an automatic transmission, which ensures a pleasant ride while also reducing noise levels within the vehicle. Due to constant gear changes and other factors, there is no outside noise or turbulence.

Low maintenance: Electric cars have electric engines that do not require lubricating fluids or routine maintenance like petrol or diesel cars. It lowers the expense of maintenance.


Lesser recharge stations: EVs have yet to conquer the market, despite the debate and hype surrounding them. There aren’t many or any recharge stations where you may charge your car.

Lower driving range: If you’re planning a long trip, you could be disappointed by the electric car’s current driving range, which is comparably limited.

Lesser options: Electric car buyers have a limited selection of vehicles to choose from. People shopping for a specific brand of the car may not be interested in the company’s electric options.

Where to Purchase CNG and Electric Cars?

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