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Reasons why buying a pre-owned luxury car is better than buying a new one

October 15, 2020
Posted by: admin

Flaunting a handsomely parked BMW or a Mercedes Benz, which makes people look with awe at you, is a dream for many.

Flaunting a handsomely parked BMW or a Mercedes Benz, which makes people look with awe at you, is a dream for many. These luxury chariots are, in themselves, symbols of class, comfort and style. Nevertheless, gathering considerable riches for the same is a task of huge tussle. If you are in a pursuit of automobiles bestowed with a sprinkle of elegance, comfort and an economical price tag, then pre-owned luxury cars will sound as the finest choice for you.

Many buyers will be addled – whether to buy a second hand luxury car or a new economy class; hence we bring up some reasons why buying a handed-down luxury car would be the best deal for you.

  • A hefty price tag isn’t a barrier

One of the most notable reasons to go for a nearly new luxury car is its quality of giving ‘More for less’. With all the super luxurious and aesthetically pleasing traits, you get the premium richness of the cars at a very affordable cost. All the prudent features like lavish interiors, latest safety and technology equipments and better performance capabilities become handy to you without burning a hole in your pocket. Unlike the myth that folks believe, the quality of the car is retained at its best even after the removal of the huge tag barricade.

  • Passive rate of depreciation

Another compelling reason that becomes noteworthy to buy used luxury cars is their slower rate of depreciation after a few years. It is no hidden fact that cars are devaluating assets and lose their essential value with every kilometer that they scale, within their usage timeline. However, we often notice that the abrupt decline in their value comes within the initial 2-3 years of their operation. Once the cars reach this timescale within the first few years, you get an ace up your sleeve as the depreciation rate of these exotic vehicles slows down leisurely.

  • Reduction of Goods & Service Tax

India is praised for its robust automotive industry. Although, the demanding burden of heavy tax on luxury cars in the market had led people to give these vehicles a cold shoulder. But now, those looking for an exotic car can breathe a sigh of relief as GST on used luxury vehicles and SUVs in India has seen a steep fall from 28% to 18% over the course of time. Many a times you will find out that the price difference between top-notch brands will be minuscule and you will have the choice to buy from many other options within the same price segment. These fluctuations in car prices are sure to cut a dash on you along with their obvious striking appearance.

  • Status symbol within budget

Ask a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce owner about the sudden leap for joy of their pounding hearts as soon as they set those beasts on the road. None of them would deny the pride they carry while they pilot those marvelous beauties. You will often find that these cars are exclusive to the wealthy and this section of the society usually gets the pleasure of beating the drum for the same. However, time has changed; the same luxury car that you had set your eyes upon can be an elevating factor of your status quo and that too, within budget. Used luxury cars in Delhi (NCR) often provide the perfect combination of unstoppable durability and a classic touch, hammering home their diligent legacy for the commercial vehicle sector.

  • Certified Pre-owned Schemes

Although CPO programs may vary from one dealer to the other, but they never fall at hurdle to justify why one should go for a used luxury car. Second hand luxury car dealers often consider any pre-owned vehicle for certification. Prior to the vehicle has been set out for resale, it goes through a thorough inspection of its Vehicle History Report and dealership maintenance records. You will find out that factory CPO cars often cost more than those certified by individual dealers, and have a higher price than a non-certified used vehicle. We buy luxury cars and follow norms for authorization besides providing you with the best in-class mechanical support.

Now that you are acquainted with all the good reasons to go for a used luxury car over a brand new one, why not get your hands dirty in choosing the best suited for your style! If you are looking to sell or buy a second hand luxury car, try out PCH as driving a lesser car will not suit you and we have an exotic inventory to meet all your desires!