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Our Services

1)  Buying and Selling 

Do you want to buy used luxury car? Or, are you looking for the right buyer for your pre owned luxury car? PCH Auto World offers its key services i.e. buying and selling. 

Browse through our exotic range of pre owned luxury cars and buy the one that defines your lifestyle. We have used luxury cars from the highly renowned brands such as Bentley, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and so on. Benefits of buying a preowned luxury car from us include 100% transparent deals, no hidden costs, stress-free car finance and delivery after payment.

We understand selling cars can be a stressful process. If you would rather do without the trouble that comes with trying to sell your car on your own, then reach to us. PCH Auto World is the best place to sell high end cars. No matter how many years old your preowned car is, we are here to take away all your hassles of finding a new home for your used car. Our selling process is fast and easy, which helps you meet the genuine buyers directly.

Why Choose PCH to Buy or Sell?

Because we prefer to maintain transparency between our customers. We give you detailed information about the vehicle to help you make an informed decision, thanks to our knowledgeable sales team. The price you see on our website for the particular car is the price you pay. We have  our expert evaluation team to give you the best possible price for your pre owned luxury vehicle.

2) Car Spa Services 

We are fond of luxury cars and thus, we love to keep them shining like a star through our comprehensive professional Car Spa service. This service includes-  

  • Steam Washing

To restore the shining of a car, we use pressure steam combined with a rinseless car cleaning solution that works best for the cleaning of the interior and the exterior of a car.

  • Claying

We offer claying service to eliminate impurities that are on your paint surface of the car. The clay bar is rubbed over the paint surface after you have washed your car, before polishing or waxing. 

  • Machine Compounding

Under this service, the diminishing abrasive technology is used to wipe out the surface layers of sternly damaged or dull paint. 

  • Polishing

Under polishing service, we actually deep clean the paint by eradicating oxidation, spotting, fine scratches, old wax, fine swirl marks, and other small paint defects to regain its sheen.

  • Machine Waxing

Machine waxing is done to put a protective barrier between the paint surface as well as the environment to make your car look better and give it a high gloss finish.

  • Interior Detailing

Interior detailing facilitates cleaning the inner parts of a car. A few of the components found in the interior cabin involve vinyl, leather, plastics, carbon fiber plastics and natural fibers. For interior cabinet cleaning, techniques like vacuuming and steam-cleaning are used.

  • Engine Detailing

In this service, we clean the engine exterior and the engine compartment and apply a dressing to spruce up the engine.

  • Paint Protection Film

To maintain the showroom quality finish of your vehicle, we have expertise in paint protection film installation. This technique not just protects the car’s body from scratches, stains, chips, etc. but also enhances the resale value of your vehicle.

  • Ceramic Coating

For protecting the exterior of the car and giving it a glossy finish, the ceramic coating is applied which blends with car’s paint and forms an extra hydrophobic layer of protection. It ensures its safety from scratches, UV damage, rust, and oxidation.

3) Electrical Repair and Upgrades

Issues affecting your car’s electronic system can be small or major one. There are several red flags that show your vehicle’s electrical system requires repair/change. If you hear a clicking or no sound while starting your car, if your vehicle’s dashboard lights do not illuminate properly, it’s an alert for you which should not be ignored.

At PCH Auto World, we have a skilled team of technicians who can effectively check your vehicle using diagnostic tools to determine the cause of electrical problems and complete the necessary repairs required. We service your vehicle with the best care, offering top-notch workmanship you can trust. 

4) Alloy Wheel Upgradation

Unarguably, a wheel is the most significant part of an automobile’s running. We know cars come with regular tyres but if aesthetics and appeal matters to you, then choose alloy wheel upgradation service of PCH Auto World. Upgrading to a larger set of wheels or alloys implies that you are modifying the wheels, which are company fitted in order to expand its diameter and enhance its looks. 

There are more wheel options than ever. We will help you find the right tyre size and alloy wheel size accordingly, which not just compliments the shade and style of the luxury car you own but also improves the performance on the road.

5) Interior Upgradation

The interior quality of the car plays an important role. Comfortable seats, decent fit-and-finish, and advanced technology can make a drive from lackluster to luxurious. 

We believe that the appearance of the interior of your car can be affected by the presence of obsolete accessories. From seat cover to floor mats, from the sound system to interior aesthetics, you can change and upgrade your car as per your taste. And adding trendy car accessories is the ideal approach to make your car look glamorous.

At PCH Auto World, we offer interior upgradation service to enhance the comfort and style quotient of your car by fitting in the right accessories with the best care.

6) Exterior Upgradation

No one looks inside the car if the outside does not seem eye-pleasing. Even the best of interior modification does not work wonders if the exterior of the car is not that upgraded and new. PCH Auto World not only provides a better look, but the best one. We upgrade the version by giving it a completely fresh look in terms of paint, wheel modification, headlights, and a lot more, from entirely evolving the car into a new one or just simply giving it a face lift.  We perform vinyl car wrapping and peel off paint services to give your car a complete makeover. Our approach to work is concise and remarkable. 

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