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Myths uncovered about Pre-owned Luxury Cars

October 8, 2020
Posted by: admin

With a pool of options available in the market, opting for luxury cars that bring a sophisticated and aesthetic look to your garage can be a challenging task.

With a pool of options available in the market, opting for luxury cars that bring a sophisticated and aesthetic look to your garage can be a challenging task. Even more, once you start believing those myths floating around about used luxury cars, it becomes a catch-22 situation. Not only have these rumours kept you miles away from the truth but have also concealed many benefits of buying a used luxury car. There are many reasons why someone might consider buying them. However, not everyone will seem to agree on these grounds. Hence, we coin a group of some common myths about pre-owned luxury cars, knocking them out of the market.

Myth#1: They are cars with out-dated technology

One amongst the most popular misconceptions, which make people sceptical about going for a used luxury car, is their disbelief in the reliability of the automobile. We often see people being tentative about the advanced safety features or state-of-art technology of the second hand luxury cars.

However, it is found with certainty that a used luxury car is as good as a spanking new one. In fact, these days, many cars are built to last for a longer time. With all their latest technological advancements and innovations, they are ready to conquer the road while setting an average mile strike of 100K. From advanced safety, infotainment to terrific fuel economy, a handed-down luxury car takes care of everything.

Myth#2: Warranty is a con trick

Many people, when going to buy used luxury cars, believe that warranty claimed by the dealerships is a total hoax. When you do not know what the warranty of your car covers, the coverage might seem to be fraud regardless of how legitimate it might be.

Certified dealership programs often provide you with an extended warranty on these cars and that too at cheaper prices. Cars of these imported brands are often made to last longer and do not depreciate that frequently within their timeline, so it is accepted that these warranty claims are justified. However, do your proper research and check the Vehicle History Report when purchasing your car from used luxury car dealers in Delhi – where you may agree on the warranty claims.

Myth#3: They require handsome cash at hand

Some people may get their work cut out for themselves once it comes to auto-financing. This might be true in many cases, be it going for a brand new luxury car or a refurbished one. Nevertheless, the false saying, ‘Cash is King’, may not fit all standards.

With the ever-rising demand for luxury cars all over India, many dealers of used luxury cars in Delhi (NCR) provide a multitude of financing options for their extensive exotic car inventory. A buyer can procure financing through a credit union, a contractual bank agreement or from the trading authentic dealerships. He can later repay the amount tagged with a fair interest charge. However, amongst the plethora of options available, choose what suits your budget the most.

Myth#4: The maintenance cost is too high

Ever stepped back from buying a used yet a dream luxury car of your choice just because it allegedly has a high maintenance cost? We often hear the babbling about the huge maintenance and repair costs, which are claimed to come attached with these previously owned luxury cars. However, your perspective may change as we debunk this common myth.

The old misconception ‘Cheap to buy but expensive to own’ is not valid anymore. Many certified dealers of second hand luxury cars in Gurgaon provide refurbished cars with further mechanical support for their maintenance. PCH houses an array of car technicians and luxury car accessories in Delhi. We guarantee you reliability, transparency and candidness while we come up with repair solutions for luxury cars at just a fraction of cost.

Myth#5: They do not have a profitable resale value

We advise all the luxury-lovers out there, willing to sell their used cars, not to believe the word on the street that attributes these cars as lacking a commercial resale price!

The premium cars are equipped with sophisticated technology and often regarded synonymous to comfort and style. Hence, they do not lose their value and thus have a great reselling price. From sedans, coupes, hybrids and hatchbacks to sports utility, SUV and convertible cars, all have bagged themselves a significant resale value. We buy luxury cars and people looking for the best place to sell high-end cars, we have you covered.

With all these myths busted, we relieve you from the unnecessary burden you might have carried otherwise, while going to buy that dream luxury car whose thoughts make you outstretch to the seventh sky. Further, check out PCH for some striking deals and services in Gurgaon!