Buying a car in India may be a basic requirement for some, a status symbol for others, but a dream come true for the vast majority. A car is an important part of Indian households for a myriad of purposes. However, buying a vehicle is a serious financial decision that requires significant money and foresight into the future.

In recent years, the concept of buying used luxury cars in Delhi NCR has picked up steam as people have realised that used cars may be just as nice as new cars. However, many of us are still wary of the idea because it requires extensive research and a significant level of risk. Things have gotten easier for the regular Indian with the introduction of online used car platforms.

However, the issue of reliability still haunts to buy second hand luxury car, as the odds of finding a reliable used car are still slim. Unlike offline used vehicle sellers, who are only interested in selling a car, online used car dealers are only interested in selling a car. Before putting a car up for sale, online car dealers like PCH Auto World make it a point to go the extra mile and thoroughly inspect it. We also provide warranties and guarantees if the car has any problems after the sale. Indian online used vehicle platforms are quickly becoming used car buyers’ go-to source for buying used cars because of their credibility and trustworthiness.

Why Should You Purchase a Pre-Owned Vehicle?

The question that every used car buyer has and the response to this question can be found in several places. Let us dissect them for you.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Lower Rate of Depreciation
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • They’re Justifiable.
  • High-Quality Vehicles

Why Are Used Cars So Reasonably Priced?

Used luxury cars sale is affordable since they have seen major depreciation, lowering their value greatly. However, affordability puts up the question of whether or not to buy a car that is free of faults that will need to be addressed in the near future. Those concerns can be addressed by purchasing certified pre-owned vehicles from reputable dealers.

Lower Depreciation Rate

This is the main reason why used cars are cheap. To begin, let us explain depreciation in a nutshell. The depreciation rate is the momentum at which one’s assets, in this case, a car, lose value. Many factors determine the depreciation rate, but the actual source of a car’s depreciation is wear and tear or mileage. The more the distance covered, the higher the rate of depreciation. In the case of a new car, this translates to a 15-30% reduction in value after just a year. On the other hand, used automobiles have already gone through the high depreciation phase, so you won’t lose a lot of money if you try to sell them.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums are directly related to the age of the vehicle so that a newer vehicle will have a higher premium than an older vehicle. When a car is new, its value is higher. Thus, the insurance premium is higher, but its value declines due to various circumstances, so the insurance premium decreases as it ages.

They Are Warranted

Used cars from licenced dealers, like their newer counterparts, come with limited warranties, which can give customers peace of mind when purchasing a used car.

Great Quality Cars

There is nothing near like ‘used’ about a used car nowadays. This is because certified dealers go to great lengths to ensure that a used car matches the aesthetic, durability and mechanical standards of a new car, ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Certified Vs. Non-Certified Used Cars

These are the two most powerful competitors in the used car market. Non-certified used cars have always been on the market, whereas certified used cars have been around for a while.

What Are the Differences Between the Two?

Private sellers who do not give any certification for the vehicle they sell are known as non-certified sellers. If there is no certification, there will be no way to know what the car has been through, whether it has been in an accident, whether the metre has been tampered with or whether the servicing information presented is accurate or not. On the other hand, certified used car dealers are very open about their business and only sell automobiles that pass their quality checks. A certified used car will contain all the information from the service history to the physical condition.