5 benefits of buying a used luxury car in India

March 9, 2021
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5 benefits of buying a used luxury car in India

Luxury cars are everyone’s dream, but often we keep delaying our purchase or never end up buying them owing to the sky-high price. But no more. You can easily buy used luxury cars now in India, and still enjoy the esteem as well as the comfort that it offers.

Misconceptions about second hand luxury cars

While you are hesitating over the fact that used cars might not be a good deal, let us share a few benefits of getting second-hand luxury cars in Gurgaon or anywhere in India. There are often a lot of doubts and false rumors that stop us from making such an investment, but most of these are baseless.

Advantages of getting used luxury cars in India

Dream car without a hole in the pocket

That’s right! While it is the car of your dreams, it surely doesn’t cost you as high as it would if you got a brand-new car. That being said, make sure to do a proper check before you buy it, to make sure there are no additional replacement costs.

Reduced taxes

Though brand new cars come along with hefty Goods and Services Taxes to be paid, when you buy used luxury cars, this tax amount is surprisingly diminished for India. Also notable is that, no matter which model or luxury car company you choose, all of them have almost similar payable tax range. So, you are simply spoilt for choice.

Trustworthy CPO schemes

Although you have set out to buy second hand luxury cars, yet the luxury won’t get compromised. Why so? Because the dealers who are allowed to engage in such re-selling of second-hand luxury cars in Gurgaon are usually authorized with Certified Pre-Owned Schemes for automobiles.

This means that only the cars which have passed certain quality checks and other requirements will be put up for re-sell by such dealers.

Asset value is never going to fall too fast

Though in this century, we all know how easily the value of assets like automobiles fall, however, such is not the case with such vintage luxury cars like the ones manufactured by Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Volkswagen, or BMW. They are here to stay and rule the market. Always. So, even if you are going to sell the car after few years, there’s still a huge profit margin to be gained.

The payment process is flexible

When you are buying used luxury cars, it can still seem like a lot to be paid at once. But, don’t worry. All the dealers all over India offer a flexible and trustworthy situation where a small down payment is done and then the rest can be paid as suited to your needs.

All this being said, there surely remains no more doubt or confusion about whether you should think of getting a pre-loved luxury car parked right outside your house. Of course, you should grab the chance. We have got you covered. The Indian market is beaming with some of the world’s best manufactured exotic cars waiting to become the beauties of the middle-class Indian household.

The biggest revolution of the automobile industry

Luxury cars were initially brought to market to cater to only a small mass, the upper class who would use it for more than just transport. But it is amazing to see a surge in the Indian market for such luxury cars that are now affordable by the common and the middle-class mass.

And how has that become possible?

Well, it is surely the unbelievable benefits that are offered by the Government policies in terms of tax reduction as well as the initiative of the dealers in trying to help the market of used luxury cars grow. 

So, hurry up. Buy used luxury cars at the most affordable prices and choose from a wide collection of the rare beauties that the automobile industry has ever produced.